We started this store to boost the well-being and confidence of women alike. Our hand-selected items range from professional clothing, health & wellness, fitness, kitchen additions & more. The Original Warrior Collection features business wardrobe that is professional and stylish; we want you to look good so you can feel good. Visit our Shop to explore our collections.

Wake the WARRIOR Woman E-store is a branch of the original Wake the WARRIOR platform started by Lorri Allison Craig. She was set on a mission to help women with their finances and their wellness. Being a Certified Financial Planner for over 25 years and having an obsession with healthy-living, she was able to use her experience to help impoverished women all over the world. Today, she offers her wisdom on WaketheWarriorWoman.com and continues to share her knowledge and organize retreats on a year-round basis.

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This website serves as an extension of the original, as it provides products that promote poise, health, and practicality. It’s items that we would enjoy and wear ourselves. Our goal is to reach fellow women who love authentic products, fashionable attire, and focus on their wellness. Shop today.